Exercise your legal right to keep and bear arms, but get the professional training that will give you the knowledge, skills, attitude, and confidence to do so safely and responsibly. We offer professional firearms training by NRA Certified Firearms Instructors and Training Counselors. See the course list below for a detailed description of each course in our firearms training curriculum. View our Class Schedule for the times and locations of upcoming classes, and to enroll in a class that best meets your needs. Darin D. Oberhart, Owner and Founder of QCI Firearms Training, has over 26 years of military, law enforcement, and teaching experience. Currently a Chief Master at Arms in the U.S. Navy Reserve. Darin has served three overseas deployments. Mr. Oberhart’s extensive experience, education, and certifications in law enforcement include: Certified in Homeland Security Level IV Certified in Disaster Preparedness Certified Master Anti-Terrorism Specialist Certified Close Protection Agent Illinois Certified Police Officer As a law enforcement professional who is sincerely dedicated to protecting the security of the United States of America and the safety and well being of its citizens. Darin Oberhart is an NRA Certified Law Enforcement Instructor, NRA Appointed Training Counselor, and also holds NRA Instructor Certifications for Basic Pistol, Defensive Pistol, Personal Protection in the Home, Personal Protection Outside the Home, Basic Shotgun, Basic Rifle, Home Firearms Safety, Chief Range Safety Officer and Refuse To Be A Victim. Certified Concealed Weapons Instructor for Iowa, Florida, and Utah. Categories: Investigators | Guns < Read Less

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