For years David L. Botsko, DMD, has been treating residents of the Davenport, Iowa, area. He and his staff will make you feel comfortable and welcome, while helping you get past any anxiety you may have about seeing the dentist. Whether it is annual exam or you are experiencing pain, Dr. Botsko can help. He provides full-service dental care, including: Regular care Cleanings Extractions Whitening In addition, Dr. Botsko focuses on fitting patients with both upper and lower dentures. As you may know, getting properly fit dentures can be difficult. Dr. Botsko will provide you with a free consultation. He also provides free adjustments for over one year. Some of the special features of his dentures include: High-quality heat-processed Lvoclar{R} bases Chairside-set front teeth Natural cusp form chewing teeth, not flat-surface No matter what your dental needs, call Dr. Botsko’s office today to schedule an appointment. Categories: Dentists | Dental Services < Read Less

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