Hart-Hammer, Inc. does extensive sales and engineering support in Iowa, Nebraska, the Quad Cities and Western Illinois. Hart-Hammer represents about 35 manufacturers including AAON, Titus, Ruskin, CamFil-Farr, Strobic Air and many others. Our products are primarily in the heating and air conditioning field and temperature control/measurement for hospitals and laboratories. Hart-Hammer Inc. was started by Patrick Hart (the current CEO) as Hart Division of Schwab-Vollhaber, Inc. in December 1967. Pat is a 1956 Engineering Graduate of ISU and a former Trane salesman from the Omaha area. In late 1968 Pat sold 36 air handling units for the Hilton Coliseum at Iowa State University. This required 36 filters that he wasn’t carrying at the time. Pat approached the filter representative, Curtis Hammer at the Ray Goodwin Co. Through these discussions, Pat purchased the filters from Curt. Later that year Pat approached Curt with the option of becoming a 50/50 partner with the Hart Division of Schwab-Vollhaber, Inc., thus creating the Hart-Hammer Division. By about 1976-78, Hart-Hammer Division had become one of the top three sales forces in Iowa in the heating and air conditioning business and split entirely from Schwab-Vollhaber in 1985. Denny Hubert had come on board in 1974 and we started what is now known as H-H Incorporated of Iowa. With expertise in warranty service & factory start-ups, service gives our sales force an extra boost. Categories: Business Services | HVAC Equipment and Supplies < Read Less

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